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" in singing talent

...has charm...dancing ability, and a knack for magic."


"Kevin Kraft, who breathes life into the magician...shifts gears extremely well, vacillating between cheese-ball stage antics to the more serious public spat that engulfed Houdini in his final years..."
            -MATTHEW HAYSHoudiniPress_files/Globe%20and%20Mail%20Houdini%20Review.pdf
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"...the very charismatic Kevin Kraft in the title role."
    -JEAN BEAUNOYERHoudiniPress_files/La%20Presse%20Review_1.pdf
“...a most inspired cast, led by Kevin Kraft...I was very, very pleased with what I saw...”
    - BRAM EISENTHALHoudiniPress_files/080220%20Review%20Grab.tiff
"Harry Houdini comes back to life...thanks to Kevin Kraft’s excellent skills...”
            -BRUNO LAPOINTEHoudiniPress_files/080222%20Review%20Journal%20Montreal.pdf
"...Kevin Kraft [is] the very end retains a Peter-Pan flair for never-ending youth...To his credit, Kraft...performs Houdini’s celebrated magic tricks on the stage, ever as dramatic as they are suspenseful. ”
    -Christina, Staff WriterHoudiniPress_files/Invisible%20Cities%20Network%20_%20Houdini%20Review.pdf

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"Kevin Kraft delivers as Houdini..."
     -TOULA FOSCOLOSHoudiniPress_files/The%20Chronicle%20West%20End%20Edition%20Feb%2027%20Review.pdf

Musical Direction by Albin Konopka

“Kevin Kraft [is] an extraordinary talent; we're sure that we'll be seeing him on Broadway some day!...He does it all, singing, acting and all the magic."
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